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The Seven Ups Buddy Leather Jacket


  • Inspired by : The Seven-Ups (movie)
  • Worn by : Roy Scheider
  • Character name : Buddy Manucci
  • Outfit Type : Biker Jacket
  • Outer Material : High Quality Real Leather
  • Inner : Premium Viscose Lining
  • Color : Brown
  • All Sizes Available
  • Free Worldwide shipping

The Seven Ups Buddy Leather Jacket

The “The Seven Ups Buddy Leather Jacket” is a perfect representation of Roy Scheider’s tough guy and charismatic character, Buddy Manucci, from the iconic movie “The Seven-Ups.” This jacket, which flawlessly captures the look and vibe of the 1970s, is more than simply a piece of apparel—it’s a piece of cinematic history. Made from premium genuine leather, it is long-lasting and has a classic style that goes with every outfit. It stands out in any closet because to the deep brown colour that accentuates its vintage appearance.

With a soft, premium viscose inside that guarantees comfort no matter how long it’s worn, the Buddy Manucci Leather Jacket was designed with both style and comfort in mind. Everything about the traditional American renegade is embodied in the biker style, which has cuffs and a zipped front. In keeping with Buddy Manucci’s audacious and fearless nature, this jacket is suitable for both informal get-togethers and more daring pursuits.

Anybody wishing to channel some of Roy Scheider’s legendary flair can find the Seven-Ups Leather Jacket, which comes in all sizes, to be the ideal fit. This jacket is a great addition to your wardrobe, regardless of whether you enjoy vintage movies or just value high-quality leather goods. Like the original jacket worn in the film, it has been made with the same attention to authenticity and quality.

Additionally, The Seven Ups Buddy Leather Jacket is hassle-free to get with free international delivery, making it possible for fans and fashion aficionados from all around the world to possess a piece of Hollywood history. The Seven-Ups Leather Jacket honours one of the greatest characters from 1970s movies and is a stylish investment more than just a piece of apparel. This jacket is ideal for people who appreciate both elegance and substance in their fashion choices because of its timeless appeal, which guarantees that it will be treasured for years to come.


Q1: What inspired the design of the Seven-Ups Leather Jacket?

The jacket was modelled after the one that Buddy Manucci, played by Roy Scheider, wore in the film “The Seven-Ups.”

Q2: Which material makes up the The Seven Ups Buddy Leather Jacket’s exterior?

Because the jacket is composed of premium real leather, it will last a long time and look great.

Q3: What kind of lining is included with the jacket?
A high-quality viscose lining inside the jacket adds comfort and warmth.

Q4: How many sizes are there in the jacket?

Since The Seven Ups Buddy Leather Jacket comes in every size, it fits a variety of body shapes.

Q5: Is delivery on the jacket free of charge?
Indeed, free international shipping is included with the jacket, making it simple to buy from anywhere in the globe.


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