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The Long Game Dennis Quaid Leather Jacket


  • Outfit Type : Days Of Our Lives Jacket
  • Worn by : Dennis Quaid
  • Inspired by : Dennis Quaid’s appearance at a screening of The Long Game in Los Angeles
  • Outer Material : High Quality Real Leather
  • Inner : Premium Viscose Lining
  • Color : Black
  • All Sizes Available
  • Free Worldwide shipping

The Long Game Dennis Quaid Leather Jacket

With The Long Game Dennis Quaid Leather Jacket, you can fully embrace Dennis Quaid’s unique charm and charisma. Quaid’s dapper look at the Los Angeles showing of “The Long Game” served as the inspiration for this outfit. Made from premium genuine leather, this jacket captures the spirit of Quaid’s classic design by fusing longevity with a smooth, polished finish.

The jacket’s sophisticated black colour offers a basis that works with any outfit, whether it’s official or informal. This jacket is a useful option for a variety of environments and seasons because of the high-quality viscose lining inside, which guarantees optimal warmth and comfort. The minimalist approach, which emphasises sophistication and elegance without overpowering embellishments, is reflected in the basic design and clear lines.

Ideal for admirers of Dennis Quaid and enthusiasts of vintage Hollywood fashion, this jacket is more than just an article of apparel—it’s a statement. This jacket adds a touch of cinematic history to your wardrobe while paying homage to Quaid’s illustrious film career and serving as a standout piece with a subtle confidence.


Q1: What was the inspiration for Dennis Quaid’s jacket design?

Dennis Quaid’s presence at the “The Long Game” screening in Los Angeles served as the inspiration for the jacket.

Q2: What kind of material is it made of?

The jacket is made from premium genuine leather, which is renowned for its grace and longevity.

Q3: Is it possible to wear this jacket throughout the year?

Yes, the high-quality viscose lining is excellent for warmer climates and offers sufficient warmth for chilly weather.

Q4: How should the Dennis Quaid leather jacket be maintained?

This jacket should be stored in a cool, dry area, the leather should be cleaned and condition often, and extended exposure to moisture should be avoided.

Q5: Are there several sizes available for the Dennis Quaid leather jacket?

Yes, the jacket comes in every size, so anyone looking to purchase this chic item may be sure to have a decent fit.


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