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Biker Mice From Mars Leather Vest


  • Outfit Type : Biker Cut
  • Inner : Premium Lining
  • Color : Black
  • Outer Material : Real Leather
  • All Sizes Available
  • Free Worldwide shipping

Biker Mice From Mars Leather Vest

Revive the nostalgia and adventure of the beloved Biker Mice From Mars series with the Biker Mice From Mars Leather Vest—a distinctive piece that captures the spirit of intergalactic bikers. This vest is not just an outfit; it’s a tribute to the iconic animated mice who took the universe by storm. Crafted from real leather, the outer material not only adds authenticity to the vest but also ensures longevity, making it a durable and timeless addition to your collection. The premium lining on the inside provides a comfortable experience, whether you’re embracing the biker lifestyle or stepping into the shoes of your favorite Martian mouse for a cosplay event.

The sleek black color pays homage to the Biker Mice From Mars’ edgy and adventurous aesthetic, adding a touch of interstellar coolness to your ensemble. This vest, which is available in all sizes, provides a tailored fit for every fan, bringing the joy of cosplay and fandom to life.

The Biker Mice From Mars Leather Vest crosses borders with free worldwide shipping, reaching fans all over the world and allowing them to embody the spirit of their favorite animated characters. This vest invites you to relive the thrill of the intergalactic highways with style and flair, whether you’re a dedicated cosplayer or a biker looking for a unique and nostalgic touch to your wardrobe.


  1. Is the vest suitable for cosplay events, or can it be worn as part of everyday biker attire?

The Biker Mice From Mars Leather Vest is versatile, perfect for both cosplay events, paying homage to the iconic series, and as a stylish addition to everyday biker wear.

  1. What is the inner lining made of, and how does it contribute to comfort during wear?

The vest features premium lining for a comfortable feel against the skin, ensuring a pleasant experience whether you’re cruising on your bike or attending a cosplay event.

  1. Is the outer material genuine leather, and how does it enhance the durability of the vest?

Crafted from real leather, the outer material not only contributes to the authenticity of the vest but also ensures durability, making it a lasting and quality addition to your wardrobe.

  1. Can the vest be customized or personalized for specific sizing requirements?

While the vest is available in various sizes, our customer service team can assist with personalized sizing inquiries to guarantee a perfect fit.

  1. Are there specific care instructions for maintaining the quality of the leather vest over time?

Yes, the vest comes with care instructions, guiding you on proper maintenance to preserve the quality and appearance of the real leather material.

Ryan Reynolds Biker Mice From Mars Leather Vest for men available at US Leather Mart



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